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Pink Paper Flower tutorial

When I saw the paper punch petal pairs on the Tonic Studio website I just had to give them a go! I made loads of different varieties with them just to see all the combo's. I then had the idea of making some paper flowers for this year's Easter Tree. I used the Bird Trail fabric as inspiration for the flowers I would use on my Easter Tree. First up are the pretty pink paper flowers with a dark pink centre.

As I could not find the exact shade of pale pink card, I painted my flowers.

20 Decorations

You will need...

  • petal pairs flower punch

  • pale pink card

  • dark pink card

  • pva glue

  • Flamingo fun pink paint

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How-to step by step

  • Punching Paper Flowers

    Step 1

    Cut 2 pale pink flowers

  • Making Paper Pink Flowers

    Step 2

    Cut 1 dark pink flower

  • Paper Pink Flowers

    Step 3

    Fold in petals on the three petal punches, tuck one pale pink petal punch into another. Paint the pale pink flowers, stick dark pink petal in centre

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Paper Pink Flowers
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