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Paper star cupcake pick tutorial

I have challenged myself to bring you a new craft tutorial every Thursday as one of my goals for 2015! So whilst I come up with some new crafts for the year ahead and get all my supplies ordered, I thought I would share some of the crafts I did for Christmas like these oh so simple paper star cupcake picks...

You can easily change them to suit any colour palette by choosing different shades of card, you could even try making them with paint swatch cards to get the exact shades. For the patterned ones, simply use patterned card or do as I did and adhere washi tape to plain white card. Oh the possibilites are endless...

Here's how I made them...

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How-to step by step

  • Star 3D punch

    Step 1

    Star by punching pairs of paper stars

  • Washi tape stars

    Step 2

    To create the washi tape stars, first apply washi tape to card, then punch out stars

  • Making star cake toppers

    Step 3

    Continue punching stars till you have 12 pairs.

  • Making star cake toppers 1

    Step 4

    Apply a blob of hot glue on the reverse of one star, quickly insert cocktail stick into glue.

  • Making star cake toppers 2

    Step 5

    Immediately apply a matching paper star on top, repeat till you have glued all the pairs of stars to a cocktail stick.

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