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My handmade acrylic wall shelf boxes

Earlier this week I showed you my inspiration shelf, well since then I have been busy making a bunch of them as great storage for my craft room and more...

I found a great sheet acrylic supplier Sheet Plastics, who can cut your pieces to size and if clear acrylic is not your thing, they also have a host of other colours including a great selection of neons. I attached the acrylic shelf to the wall using the Command™ Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips, which as well as leaving no marks on the wall also enable me to take the shelf on and off the wall as much as I like due to the velcro like technology.

Have a sweet day!

1 Shelf

You will need...

  • 50ml Tensol 12

  • 3 sheet acrylic (5mm thick cut to 260mm x 50mm)

  • 2 sheet acrylic (5mm thick cut to 55mm x 50mm)

How-to step by step

  • Acrylic box Steps 1-4

    Step 1

    Start by carefully peeling off the protective film. Add a very thin line of Tensol 12 along the top of one of the long edges of the side pieces

  • Acrylic box Steps 5-8

    Step 2

    Carefully place in position and hold for a few seconds, leave to dry. Repeat with the other side piece. Turn box so it sitting on its end. Add a very thin line of tensol along the top edges. Carefully place end piece in position and hold for a few seconds, leave to dry. Repeat with other end piece

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