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Mini glittered bird cages

I have had my white wooden bird cage pendants for over a year now, sulking at the bottom of my craft trim box. So, as I rifled through my trims looking for bits and bobs I could use in my Winter Wonderland crafts I rediscovered them. I gave them an overhaul with some paint and glitter in my Winter Wonderland colour palette and threaded my favourite crush, bakers twine, through them so I can hang them on my Christmas Tree.

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    Step 1

    Carefully paint the bird in duck egg blue, the leaves and branches in teal, and the flower in pink on both sides and leave to dry. Then carefully paint the duck egg blue painted areas of the bird in a thin layer of glue and sprinkle liberally with mint glitter, tap gently to remove excess glitter and leave to dry. Repeat for each of the other colours, choosing a glitter colour to match the paint colour underneath. Make sure to leave each coat to dry before continuing with the next colour. Cut a length of bakers twine and thread through hole at top, knot ends and trim off any excess from the ends.

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