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Laundry Art

I am busily getting everything ready to decorate our new laundry- and cloak-room. Last week I showed you the candy coloured bead hangers and the pretty wrapped soaps. Today I am showing you some of my laundry art I want to put up on the walls.

I originally bought two pink baroque picture frames from Urban Outfitters; buy one get one half price! I then had to decide what to put in them. As there is going to be quite a lot of different prints in the room from, pale blue floral towels to a bird print curtain and rose printed dusters I wanted something quite graphical.

I liked the idea of them having something to do with the laundry room so went for care label meanings. I went back to Urban Outfitters and bought two more frames, one in pink and one in duck egg blue as I'd decided I wanted three of them (maybe the extra one can go in my kitchen?). I coloured the artwork in a pale blue to match the blue in my towels, soaps and prints.

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My Laundry Art
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My Laundry Art

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