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Kids Oilcloth Apron Sewing Tutorial

I have six nieces and nephews, Samuel and James (refereed to as JJ) who are my eldest sister's two boys, Molly and Maisy my younger sister's two girls and Daniel and Phoebe my youngest sister's two children. They all love to bake, so this past Christmas I made the three boys oilcloth aprons and the girls pretty cotton aprons. So after a much needed break I am back today with the oilcloth apron sewing tutorial complete with free downloadable pattern. A great gift for crafty kids.

Here's my Kids Oilcloth Apron Sewing Tutorial..

1 Apron

How-to step by step

  • age 3-5 oilcloth apron - what you will need-01

    Step 1

    Start by printing out the pattern and cutting out the following.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 1

    Step 2

    Take the small rectangles of fabric and fold over the end of the strips of tape. Paper clip them in place to secure.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 2

    Step 3

    Stitch the rectangles in place so the stitching is on the straps.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 3

    Step 4

    Trim off the excess, making sure you don't trim any of the straps

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 4

    Step 5

    Place the raw end of one of the straps, right sides together with the top of the apron, 1cm away from the armhole raw edge. Bar tack in place. Repeat on the other side with the remaining neck strap.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 5

    Step 6

    Place the apron facing, right sides together. Matching up the edges, paper clip in place to secure. Using a 1cm seam allowance, stitch around the edge.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 7

    Step 7

    Clip the corners and turn the facing right side out. Clip the armhole curve and fold in by 1cm to the wrong side, paper clip to secure. Using a 8mm seam allowance, stitch in place.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 6

    Step 8

    Top stitch the facing down, 1cm down from top of seam

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 8

    Step 9

    Place one of the waist straps to the wrong side of the apron, directly in line with the hemmed armhole curve. Paper clip in place to secure, bar tack in place using a 1cm seam allowance. Repeat on other side.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 9

    Step 10

    Fold sides in by 1cm to the wrong side, paper clip to secure. Using a 8mm seam allowance, stitch in place.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 10

    Step 11

    Fold the waist strap to the front and bar tack to secure.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 11

    Step 12

    Turn up hem by 1cm, paper clip to secure.

  • Kids oilcloth apron tutorial 12

    Step 13

    Using a 8mm seam allowance, stitch in place.

  • age 3-5 oilcloth apron - finished size-01

    Step 14

    The Apron is now ready to use...

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