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Invisible zip cushion tutorial

I am so loving getting my dining room ready for my visitors coming next weekend, it is really beginning to look like a pretty Christmas wonderland. I can't wait to see my little nieces faces!
The tree is decked, paper garlands and snowflakes are draped from the ceiling and the gifts have started to be wrapped and placed under the tree. My shopping list of ingredients is getting fuller as I conjure up fun sweet treat ideas and my craft room is a mess!

So today I am sharing with you the pretty invisible zip cushions I have made to adorn my dining chairs. I new as soon as I recieved the gorgeous Brambleberry ridge fabrics from Elephant in my that I wanted to make some cushions with it, but I ummed and ahhed what kind and even went so far as buying piping and gold bias binding for them. But in the end I decided that the fabric was so gorgeous that it didn't need anything added to it and I would make very simple cushions with an invisible zip in the seam.

As I made the first three of them I played with different methods of putting the invisible zips in, from stitching the zip in first and then stitching the cover together, (the more conventional way), but the method below is the best way I found of inserting the invisible zip...

Don't forget! All four fabrics are available from online store Elephant in my who have kindly offered you my readers a discount of 10% off your first order with them.
The code is “Toriej”

1 Cushion

How-to step by step

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial

    Step 1

    Start by cutting out two squares of fabric, 32cm x 32cm ( 1cm seam allowance on all sides). Place squares right sides together and pin to secure.

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial

    Step 2

    Measure 6cm in from one side and make a small mark, (this is where you will start stitching )measure another 6cm in from other end.( this is where you will stop stitching) With your sewing machine set to straight stitch, stitch cushion together using a 1cm seam allowance starting at your first mark, (making sure to backstitch) continue stitching round, pivoting at the corners till you arrive at your second mark, backstitch to secure.

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial

    Step 3

    Place your zip on to the opening in your cushion cover, so that right sides face each other, ie the side with the zip pull should be facing down. Centre your zip over the opening and line your fabric raw edge and zip tape edge together, pin to secure. With your zipper foot attached, stay stitch the zip in place so that it doesn't move or shift around when you stitch really close to the teeth later.

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial

    Step 4

    Repeat the process with the other side. Remembering to keep the zip open a little.

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial

    Step 5

    Now fully open your zip. With your zipper foot still attached, starting at one end of the zip, stitch as close to the zip teeth as you can, backstitching at the beginning and end. Repeat to remaining zip side.

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial

    Step 6

    Clip the corners. Serge the raw edges, you can do this using an overlocker or using a zig zag stitch

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial

    Step 7

    Turn the cushion right sides out, using a chop stick push corners out, press the cushion cover

  • Invisible zip cushion tutorial  8

    Step 8

    Insert cushion pad into cushion cover and close zip

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