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'Happy Halloween' banner

Good evening!

After a park run this morning I have spent the day assembling my Haunted House made out of chocolate cookie dough. So before I start adding the finishing touches I wanted to pop in and show you how my Halloween decorations are coming on.

I had the skull and bones and skeleton paper garlands from a couple of years ago, but they were not quite long enough to hang them corner to corner so instead I opted for hanging them on the same wall. I decided they needed more so I designed and made a 'Happy Halloween' banner and then added some silver beaded strands I got in Wilkinsons for 75p each. I love my new Halloween wall and think it makes a nice backdrop to my Halloween dining table.

Feel free to download the artwork and make your own...

1 Banner

How-to step by step

  • Making my Halloween banner

    Step 1

    Start by downloading the free 'Happy Halloween' banner artwork and print out. Cut out the printed letter rectangles. Cut out some silver card so that it is 10mm bigger than the letter rectangles around all edges, except the top where you will need to add on about 2cm extra, so that when you punch the holes they are only on the silver card.

  • Making my Halloween banner

    Step 2

    Adhere double side tape to the back of the letters, peel off backing tape and adhere letters to your silver card rectangles.

  • Making my Halloween banner

    Step 3

    Using a hole punch, punch holes at top of silver card, thread mounted letters and skull on to silver cord and hang on wall.

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Happy Halloween banner
Happy Halloween banner
Happy Halloween banner
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