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Hanging butterflies

To go with my "All of a flutter" Easter theme, I wanted to hang butterflies on my Easter Tree. So when I spied a massive box of clear acrylic butterflies on a trip to Covent Garden market, I snapped them up!

With an idea to paint them in pink and blue to match my Easter Palette, to give them some extra prettiness I added some seed beads and hung them with clear thread.

I love how they turned out and now I need to get on with making this year's Easter Tree to hang them on.

6 butterflies

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How-to step by step

  • Paint butterfly

    Step 1

    Wash butterflies in warm soapy water and leave to dry Paint seven butterflies in pink (I did three coats) and leave to dry Repeat with remaining butterflies in blue and leave to dry Cut 20 cm of mono filament

  • Beading the butterflies

    Step 2

    Thread mono filament through hole in centre of butterfly and tie in a knot Thread three beads in alternating colours down both ends of thread, and push below knot Thread ten beads in alternating colours, finishing with one green bead down each side Knot ends

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