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Handmade rose lip balm

Yesterday I showed you my handmade coconut lip balm, today I am sharing with you my dusky rose coloured , rose scented lip balm.

"Lip balm is made from a mixture of oils and solids that blend to create a mixture that is spreadable, but not liquified. The oils make the balm soft and moisturizing, the beeswax stiffens it, the essential oils add scent and the colour comes from lipstick shavings"

10 tubes

How-to step by step

  • Place beeswax pellets in oil

    Step 1

    Start by placing the beeswax pellets and oil in a glass jug in the microwave.

  • Heat till beeswax melts

    Step 2

    Heat on low to medium power until the beeswax pellets have melted. Remove jug from microwave and stir with a metal spoon. Using a pipette, add a few drops of rose oil. Gradually add lipstick shavings to the jug of liquid. Stir mixture with metal spoon and continue adding lipstick shavings until you achieve desired shade and the colour is even. Pour lip balm in to tubes. Leave to set for one hour. Adhere pretty handmade sticker to tube.

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Handmade rose lip balm
Hand made lip balm

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