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Handmade coconut lip balm

A couple of years ago I made Hand-made sparkly strawberry lip balm and hand-made cool mint lip balm which went down a treat with friends and family at Christmas. It was pretty popular on here too and has been featured on many blogs!

To go with my "Enchanted Forest Christmas" colour palette, I decided to make two batches. The first one a snowy white tropical coconut lip balm and the second a romantic dusky rose coloured, rose scented lip balm.

Why not whip up a batch yourself, perfect for last minute Christmas gifts, stocking and cracker fillers. Here's how...

10 tubes

10 mins preparation

How-to step by step

  • Place beeswax pellets in oil

    Step 1

    Start by placing the beeswax pellets and oil in a glass jug in the microwave.

  • Heat till beeswax melts

    Step 2

    Heat on low to medium power until the beeswax pellets have melted. Remove jug from microwave and stir with a metal spoon. Using a pipette, add a few drops of coconut oil and stir well with a metal spoon.

  • Pour lip balm into tubes

    Step 3

    Pour lip balm in to tubes. Leave to set for one hour.

  • Handmade coconut flavoured lip balm

    Step 4

    Adhere pretty 'Handmade' sticker to tube, for an extra pop of colour wrap a strip of coloured washi tape round tube before attaching sticker or wrap tube in coloured paper or card then also attach sticker.

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Coconut flavoured hand made lip balm
Hand made lip balm

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