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Hand painted wooden Christmas tree tutorial

It has been a busy few weeks at work and I am now on Holiday, which will give me a chance to finish all my Christmas projects in time for Christmas Eve. I'm hoping to share with you, my lovely readers, as many as I can.

When I saw these small wooden Christmas trees in Hobby Craft I thought they would look cute painted white with coloured pots to sit on my Christmas table.

I decided to paint the pots in colours to match my Christmas theme. I went to the DIY store and found tester pots in the following colours: Bubblegum pink, Marina blue (Homebase matt emulsion), and Pea pod green (Crown matchpot).

I painted each tree in a water-based white wood primer; a couple of coats were needed.
I then painted the pots in the three different colours.

Have a sweet day!

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