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Hand painted decorative bauble tutorial

I bought a bunch of clear plastic baubles to fill and decorate to match my colour palette and theme. I experimented with a couple of the baubles using gold paint but I wasn't happy with the results then I thought what happens if I use my gold alphabet peel off stickers on the inside. I first tried with the 'O's and found that they worked really well, then I thought why not use the little cut out stickers on the inside of the letters D, A, P and R's. It was a little fiddly at first then I started using tweezers and found that worked best. I love how they look and think they really compliment the geo prints in my main fabrics. The main thing to take note of, is to make sure the stickers are firmly stuck down so that the paint can't get underneath the stickers.

I can't wait to hang them on my tree...

6 baubles

How-to step by step

  • Hand painted decorative baubles

    Step 1

    Using a pair of tweezers place the letters of inside of letters on the inside of the clear baubles, smooth down stickers with your fingers.

  • Hand painted decorative baubles tutorial

    Step 2

    Using a paint brush, paint the inside of the baubles.

  • Hand painted decorative baubles tutorial 1

    Step 3

    Paint a second coat till you have a lovely solid even coat. Leave to dry

  • Hand painted baubles

    Step 4

    Snap baubles back together and thread hanging loop with matching or coordinating embroidery thread.

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