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Halloween paper doily decoration

Good evening!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Tonight I wanted to share with you one of my Halloween paper doily decorations I have made to hang from my dining room ceiling. I am planning on decking out all of my Dining room in Halloween decorations ready for our little Halloween party...

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How-to step by step

  • Paper doily decoration

    Step 1

    Fold all 15 paper doilies in half

  • Paper doily decoration 2

    Step 2

    Place a strip of double sided tape on to the back of one of the small doilies, remove backing tape.

  • Paper doily decoration 4

    Step 3

    Carefully stick doily on top of another small doily.

  • Paper doily decoration

    Step 4

    Repeat above steps till all 5 small doilies are stuck together. Then join the end pieces.

  • Paper doily decoration

    Step 5

    Place small stick on diamante to one half of each 5 doilies.

  • Paper doily decoration

    Step 6

    Repeat above steps with medium doilies and large doilies. Using a needle and black thread join the small doilies to the medium doilies then join the medium doilies to the large doilies.

  • Paper doily decoration

    Step 7

    Take a needle threaded with a length of white thread and knot the end. Carefully push the needle through the spider till the knot is at the base of the spider.

  • Paper doily decoration 8

    Step 8

    Tie the thread to the side of one of the medium doilies. Repeat till all the sides of the medium and large doilies have spiders hanging off them.

  • Paper doily decoration

    Step 9

    Tie a chandelier droplet to the bottom of the paper doily using black thread. Add a loop of black thread to the top of the large paper doilies so you can hang it.

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