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Girls Crystal Embellished Tee Tutorial

After designing Maisy's glitter mini book bag. Next I drew up a mint tutu with a neon pink bow at the waist and a hem filled with neon pink sequins. I sketched up lots of ideas for the top, but to keep it modern I decided to put it with a white tee that I could embellish with the mint sew on crystals. Lots of sketches later I finally decided on doing crystal embellished shoulders with a neon pink sew on beaded necklace. Here's my oh so simple Girls Crystal Embellished Tee Tutorial...

1 Tee

How-to step by step

  • Embellished Tee Tutorial

    Step 1

    Using a water soluble marker start by drawing a line on the shoulder where you plan to embellish up to. Then carefully trace the shoulder shape where you plan to embellish out in paper, use this pattern to cut out lightweight interfacing. Fuse the lightweight interfacing to the inside of the tee at the shoulders. Using a needle and thread hand stitch the beads to the front of the t-shirt to form a necklace. As it is a child's t-shirt for extra safety I stitched the beads down several times so they would not come loose.

  • Embellished Tee Tutorial 1

    Step 2

    Hand stitch the sew on crystals in place so that the area is full of embellishments.

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