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Garden Arbour Seat Makeover

I was so excited when George at Asda asked me if I would like some garden products. I chose the Larchlap Sienna arbour Seat, which I had just the spot for in my side garden...

After clearing away the overgrowth on the stone wall, clearing all the weeds on top of the wall and trimming the trees, I put up some bamboo fencing to give the garden back it's privacy. Then came the hardest part! removing all the soil that had piled up over the years and levelling out the ground so I could lay patio stones for my new arbour to sit on. After levelling out the ground I sunk old bricks into the ground to keep my new borders neat and tidy. I also have started re-seeding the grass up to the bricks and filling the borders with foxgloves and Lupins I grew from seed and a handful of bedding plants...

A perfect place for my new arbour seat that I have painted white with a grey roof, next up is to add some cushions and a few accessories...

1 Arbour seat

How-to step by step

  • Arbour bench

    Step 1

    Start by assembling the arbour seat and making sure it is clean and dry.

  • Painted white arbour

    Step 2

    Then paint the entire arbour from top to bottom in several coats of white paint and leave to dry.

  • Painted grey roof on arbour

    Step 3

    When the white paint is completely dry, paint the top of the roof and the front and back edges in several coats of grey paint. Leave to dry.

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Painted Arbour
Garden Arbour Bench makeover
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Painted grey roof on arbour

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