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Felt farfalle pasta tutorial

This past Christmas when I asked my little sister for suggestions on what I could make or get for her oldest son she suggested some felt food. So being the obliging aunt I made him some felt food...

First up is my Felt farfalle pasta which is super quick to make but looks really effective...

Here's how I made mine...

1 Servings

How-to step by step

  • Felt farfalle pasta tutorial 1

    Step 1

    Using pinking shears cut your felt into strips 5.5cm wide. Then using fabric shears cut them into rectangles 3.5 cm deep.

  • Felt farfalle pasta tutorial 2

    Step 2

    Now fold your rectangle in half so that the pinked edges line up. Mark a spot in the fold at one end using a water erasable marker.

  • Felt farfalle pasta tutorial 3

    Step 3

    Now fold your rectangle of felt in half as diagram, and then into quarters so that the felt is concertinaed.

  • Felt farfalle pasta tutorial 4

    Step 4

    Push your needle threaded with embroidery thread through centre of concertinaed felt, using the mark you made earlier as a guide.

  • Felt farfalle pasta tutorial 5

    Step 5

    Thread the needle back through the felt just a millimeter away from your first stitch, so that the ends end up on the same side.

  • Felt farfalle pasta tutorial 6

    Step 6

    Knot the ends together and cut off loose ends.

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