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Fabric star tutorial

Earlier today I showed you my Brambleberry fabrics from Elephant in my so this afternoon I wanted to share with you what I have made with them so far...

Pretty fabric stars that I have hung on my Christmas tree and another set which I have hung from a gold beaded garland. I am loving them so much that I am thinking of keeping them out after Christmas and using them as decoration on my craft room! I have also added dried lavender to a few of them to put in my closet.

Don't forget! All four fabrics are available from online store Elephant in my who have kindly offered you my readers a discount of 10% off your first order with them.
The code is “Toriej”

3 decorations

How-to step by step

  • Fabric star tutorial

    Step 1

    Start by downloading and printing off the star template and tracing it on to the back of the fabric twice. Cut out leaving a 5mm seam allowance.

  • Fabric star tutorial 1

    Step 2

    Place cut out stars right sides together and pin to secure.

  • Fabric star tutorial 2

    Step 3

    Starting mid way down one star point, using a straight stitch, sew along your pencil line, stopping 2cm before you get to where you started.

  • Fabric star tutorial 3

    Step 4

    Clip a small triangle out of the seam allowance at each junction

  • Fabric star tutorial 4

    Step 5

    Clip points off the top of the stars

  • Fabric star tutorial 5

    Step 6

    Turn star right side out, and using a chopstick push star point out

  • Fabric star tutorial 6

    Step 7

    Press star flat, ensuring to press seam allowance in on the opening making it easy to stitch together later

  • Fabric star tutorial 7

    Step 8

    Stuff star with toy filler, using a chopstick to get stuffing into the star points

  • Fabric star tutorial 9

    Step 9

    Slip stitch opening close

  • Fabric star tutorial 10

    Step 10

    Hand stitch jump ring to one of the star points

  • Fabric star tutorial 11

    Step 11

    Thread ribbon or trim through jump ring and tie or stitch ends together.

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