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Fabric Crow tutorial

I made and decorated a tree for Easter with hand made birds, so I thought for Halloween I would do the same. Initially I used the same pattern to make a bird but it looked too sweet. As I could not find a pattern for a crow or raven I decided to make my own.

I used a black fabric with subtle black lurex running through it to give them a sparkly touch. I used pink wire and beads to make the feet and black diamantes for the eyes.

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  • Handmade Crow

    Step 1

    Download, print and cut out the crow pattern. Fold your fabric into two, with the right side of the fabric facing inwards, to give the two sides of your crow. Draw around the pattern using a white pencil or pen if using dark fabric (don't forget to mark the opening points). Pin the two pieces of fabric together and cut around the lines leaving a 5mm border round the edge. Hand stitch along the lines, leaving the opening unstitched. Turn crow inside out (I use a chopstick to to fully open the beak, tail and legs). Hand press the seams open. Insert pink wire up through one leg hole and down the other. Stuff with toy filling (again I use a chopstick to get the stuffing into the beak, tail and legs) Hand stitch the opening closed, pushing the needle and thread up through the top of the neck to create hanging loop. Sew small silver loop onto base of neck, thread ribbon through ring and tie in bow. To create the feet, thread 6 pink beads onto the leg wire. Then for each 'toe' bend the wire back on itself and thread 3 more beads. Repeat for each toe. Tie round base of feet to finish. Glue diamantes in place for the eyes.

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