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Fabric Basket Tutorial

Yesterday I made my first Easter fabric basket, I based the pattern and design off of my linen peg basket from my book :

TORIE JAYNE’S STYLISH HOME SEWING published by CICO Books (£14.99)
Photos © SUSSIE BELL, Illustrations © KATE SIMUNEK

When I made my peg basket for the book last year a friend of mine said what cute Easter baskets they would make. So when I was thinking of sewing projects I could use my new fabrics from from Elephant in my for, I decided to make some printed fabric baskets. I changed the peg basket design slightly from the book by changing the leather handle to a fabric handle and not using interfacing on the lining to give it a little softer feel. After making the first basket yesterday I started making a second one today, this time taking photos of the step by steps...

I have three left to make!

1 Basket

How-to step by step

  • Easter basket tutorial 1

    Step 1

    Start by downloading the template, print and cut out. Using a water-soluble marker or a dressmaker's pencil, transfer the base template to the wrong side of the printed fabric, lining fabric, stiff interfacing, and heavyweight interfacing, and cut out the shapes. Following the manufacturer's instructions, iron the heavy weight interfacing to the wrong side of the printed fabric base. Also iron heavyweight fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the printed fabric side and strap pieces.

  • Easter basket tutorial 2

    Step 2

    Pin the two shorter edges of the printed fabric side pieces with right sides together and raw edges even.

  • Easter basket tutorial 3

    Step 3

    Stitch a 1 cm (3/8in) seam, stopping 5mm (1/4in) from the lower edge;

  • Easter basket tutorial 4

    Step 4

    press the seam open.

  • Easter basket tutorial 5

    Step 5

    Topstitch 7mm (1/4in) from each side of the seam line. Staystitch slightly less than the 5mm (1/4")from the lower edge, and snip into the curved seam allowance at regular intervals.

  • Easter basket tutorial 6

    Step 6

    With right sides together and raw edges even, pin the lower edge of the printed fabric side piece all around the edge of the printed fabric base, lining up the side seams with the notches on the base. The snips in the seam allowance on the lower edge will open up to allow it to fit onto the base.

  • Easter basket tutorial 7

    Step 7

    Stitch a 5mm seam all around.

  • Easter basket tutorial 8

    Step 8

    Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the lining pieces, omitting the top stitching of the seam. Lay the stiff interfacing for the base (which you cut out in step 1) on the base, and hand sew it to the seam allowance in a few places. With the printed fabric right side out and the lining wrong side out, slip the lining inside the printed fabric so that the two layers have their wrong sides together and the seams are lined up.

  • Easter basket tutorial 9

    Step 9

    Pin and then machine baste 5mm (1/4" in) from the top edge.

  • Easter basket tutorial 10

    Step 10

    Starting at one of the seams, pin broderie anglaise (eyelet) trim to the right side of the printed fabric all around the top edge, aligning the straight edge of the trim with the raw edge of the printed fabric. When you get back to your starting point, turn under 5mm ( 1/4 in) on the end, and lap this over the raw edge of the starting end. Machine baste 5mm (1/4 in) from the top edge.

  • Easter basket tutorial 11

    Step 11

    Use the bias tape to bind the top edge.

  • Easter basket tutorial 13

    Step 12

    Turn strap right side out and press. Pin one end of the strap matching the raw edge with the bottom edge of the binding. Pin in place.

  • Easter basket tutorial 14

    Step 13

    Stitch the strap down.

  • Easter basket tutorial 15

    Step 14

    Fold the strap upwards so that the raw edge is hidden, pin and stitch in place. Repeat step 13-14 with the other end of the strap.

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