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Embellished Felt placemat tutorial

Good evening!

One of these days I might finally get all my work under control and be able to blog a little earlier in the day, but until then...

For Halloween, I have decided on a black table cloth with a cream lace tablecloth laid over the top. So that my cream skull plates pop from the tablecloth rather than blending in I wanted to make some black placemats. I decided on round black felt placemats embellished with cream sequins with seed beads, crystals and glitter.

By adding a seed bead to the centre of the sequin you can stitch the sequin down without having to cross over the sequin.

I bought a bag of mixed sized crystals for 99p, enough to embellish all six placemats!

Here's how I made them...

6 placemats

How-to step by step

  • Felt placemat tutorial 1

    Step 1

    Start by ironing a stiff interfacing on to the back of the felt. Trace a large circle on to the interfacing using a large round plate or platter. If you are using black felt, tailors chalk works best.

  • Felt placemat tutorial 2

    Step 2

    Carefully cut out your stiffened circle of felt.

  • Felt placemat tutorial 3

    Step 3

    Fold the circle in half and mark the folds on the interfacing, fold in half again matching up your chalk lines. Keep repeating this process till you have 16 evenly spaced marks. You will use these marks to space the larger crystals evenly round the outside of the placemat.

  • Felt placemat tutorial 4

    Step 4

    Start by stitching one of the larger crystals to the outside of the placemat.

  • Felt placemat tutorial 5

    Step 5

    Now stitch a sequins and seed bead on

  • Felt placemat tutorial 6

    Step 6

    Continue stitching small crystals, sequins and beads on to the outer edge of the placemat. Positioning one large crystal at each of the 16 marked lines on the back.

  • Felt placemat tutorial 7

    Step 7

    Sprinkle place mat with silver glitter.

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