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DIY vintage inspired baubles

Last week I showed you the vintage Christmas tree decorations that I bought from Sunbury antiques market and on Sunday I showed you the gorgeous vintage Christmas tree decorations from Citrus and Orange and Loretoidas. Inspired by all these vintage baubles I decided to paint cheap plastic silver baubles with nail polish and dust them in vintage glitter to match my Vintage Christmas theme. I love how the polish gives them a worn look but still gives them a little shimmer and is a great way to use up old nail polish! I was also lucky enough to find some old metal glitter in my craft boxes which adds to their vintage look. If you can't find metal glitter try using a course glitter instead.

Here's how...

Have a sweet day!

7 Decorations

You will need...

  • silver baubles

  • nail polish

  • thin washi tape

  • pva glue

  • silver glass glitter

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How-to step by step

  • My DIY vintage inspired baubles steps 1-4

    Step 1

    Wrap washi tape round bauble Paint nail polish on to unmasked sections Hang to dry Brush PVA glue on to areas you wish to glitter. Sprinkle liberally with glitter, tap to remove excess. Hang to dry

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