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DIY star painted straw basket

If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen the gorgeous pretty pink basket bag from fraeulein lampe that I shared. I fell in love with it at first sight and just had to have one of my own. So I immediately started searching on the internet for a reasonably priced straw basket that would fit the bill. I found just what I was looking for on The Travelling Souk from Basket Basket. The short round handled classic basket at £17. I decided to go for a star on the front to match my favorite star scarf and cute star font artwork, which I plan to hang in our new entrance porch when we have finished decorating it. I did a little bit of experimenting with colour on the bottom of the bag and found the best way to get the exact colour I wanted was to paint my straw basket in a couple of coats of white paint and then one coat of Beach Glass acrylic paint which came out in a lovely bright aqua, but it was a little too bright so I softened it with a coat of pearl acrylic paint which also made it shimmer a little.

I just love my new bag so much, I might need to do another one!

1 bag

How-to step by step

  • straw basket - before

    Step 1

    Start with a clean dry straw basket

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 2

    Paint basket with white primer paint using a stencil brush so you can get inside all the gaps

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 3

    Add a second coat of white primer paint, taking special care to ensure the front and back are completely blanked white

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 4

    Stick paper star template to a piece of cardboard

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 5

    Trace star on to the front and back of the bag

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 6

    Using a small paint brush, carefully paint around the edge of your marked star using the Beach Glass coloured acrylic paint

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 7

    Using a larger brush paint the rest of the bag in Beach Glass coloured acrylic paint, leaving your star white, leave to dry

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 8

    Now paint over the Beach Glass coloured acrylic paint with the pearl acrylic paint, leave to dry

  • Star Straw bag tutorial

    Step 9

    Paint the outside rim of the bag with pale grey silver paint, leave to dry

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