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DIY pretty cake stand

A couple of years back I made some handmade cake stands, for my Christmas table, they were perfect for my Mini gingerbread houses, as they were light, but they wouldn't of taken much weight. I wanted to make some more this year to match my new Christmas colour palette. So this time I went for smaller candle stick holders and bought MDF circles so they would be more secure and perfect for small cake cake stands. I haven't finished decorating all six of them, but I have finished one that I am sharing with you today.
Here's how...

1 Cake stand

How-to step by step

  • Draw a circle using a template

    Step 1

    Start by carefully spray painting the candle stick holder in white paint, leave to dry. Paint push pins in metallic paint & leave to dry. Next make a template for your candle stick holder, so that you can draw a circle in the centre of your MDF circles ready to glue the candle stick holder to. Draw a circle in centre of your MDF circle.

  • Hot glue gun candle stick to base

    Step 2

    Apply a thin layer of glue over your drawn circle. Place candle holder upside down and place over glued circle and press firmly down.

  • DIY cake stand_Leave to set

    Step 3

    Leave to dry

  • DIY cake stand - spray paint

    Step 4

    Spray paint the cake stand in white paint, leave to dry. Repeat till you have a solid white coloured cake stand.

  • Attach silver ribbon

    Step 5

    Attach silver ribbon to the rim of the cake stand.

  • Push pins into cake stand

    Step 6

    Using a pen mark dots on to silver ribbon, 1 cm apart. Push painted pins into dots drawn on ribbon, alternating between large & small.

  • Ribbon at base

    Step 7

    Tie base with a pretty ribbon.

  • DIY cake stand

    Step 8

    Place doily on to top of cake stand to make it food safe, and serve your favourite cakes on it, or gift it to a baker friend or anyone who loves cake!

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