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DIY Beaded Snowflake tutorial

Every year I make a few handmade decorations for my Christmas tree to fit in with my colour palette and theme, so this year to go with my 'Frosted fairy tale forest' theme I have made some elegant beaded snowflake ornaments using wire snowflake forms from Rico Design, I love how they do really tiny ones! The beaded snowflakes are easy to make and the colour and style possibilities are endless!

I chose to use mint and white beads and added plastic crystals to the centre for extra sparkle! Here's how you make beaded snowflakes...

2 beaded snowflakes

How-to step by step

  • DIY frosted bead snowflakes

    Step 1

    Start by sliding your beads onto one of the spokes of your wire form

  • DIY frosted bead snowflakes 1

    Step 2

    With a pair of small plier, bend the end of the wire over, so that the beads don't fall off

  • DIY frosted bead snowflakes 2

    Step 3

    Keep sliding beads on to your wire form and on one of the ends bend the wire to create a small loop

  • DIY frosted bead snowflakes 3

    Step 4

    Attach a jump ring to the end of the loop

  • DIY frosted bead snowflakes 4

    Step 5

    Thread ribbon through your jump ring

  • DIY frosted bead snowflakes 5

    Step 6

    Using a hot glue gun join the ribbon ends

  • DIY frosted bead snowflakes 6

    Step 7

    Using a hot glue gun, affix a crystal to the centre of your beaded snowflake

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