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Decorative cupcake stand tutorial

I love the cake stands made from teacups and adorned with fake cakes that Wendy McLachlan makes for Anthropologie.

So, when I spied some of the cupcake candle holders in the sale basket at Anthropologie my mind started buzzing with ideas! The candle holders were a bit battered and missing their candles but with a clean, soak and some replacement candles they would work just fine. I headed over to the dinnerware and played about with the cupcake candle holders with various plate, cup combo's. In the end I opted for the Fleur de Lys plate and tea cup. After making my decorative cake stand I just had to go back to Anthropologie and buy the Fleur de Lys pitcher to use as a vase. They are currently adorning my dining table.

1 Cake stands

You will need...

  • Araldite ceramic glue

  • ceramic cupcake candle holder

  • Fleur De Lys cup and saucer

  • Fleur De Lys salad plate

How-to step by step

  • hand made Decorative cupcake stand

    Step 1

    Glue the bottom of the teacup to the bottom of the plate and leave to dry. Glue the cupcake candle holders to the top of the plate.

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hand made Decorative cupcake stand
On my dining table
Flowers close up

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