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Découpage Egg tutorial

In recent years I have needle felted eggs, hand painted eggs and sewed eggs. This year I thought I would have a go at some découpage eggs to hang on my Easter Tree. I had some pink spotty napkins I had picked up last year in Clas Ohlson and some blue gingham napkins I had bought earlier this year on a trip to Berlin. They were a perfect colour match to this year's Easter theme so I used them for the découpage.

After covering half an egg in masking tape I carefully removed it and cut into the centre until I could lay the masking tape out flat. I used this as my pattern to cut out the napkins. I love how they turned out and think the pretty egg hangers in silver really make them special.

Later today I will be sharing with you my hand painted eggs with a surprise!

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How-to step by step

  • Hanging Découpage Eggs

    Step 1

    Remove plastic stopper Cut out oval from napkins, and remove all backing so you have a single sheet of napkin Paint half of egg in PVA glue, and carefully place napkin in centre, brush PVA glue on top of napkin with a paint brush, smoothing out all wrinkles, leave to dry Repeat on other side Paint a line of PVA glue around joins of decoupage, place ribbon over joins and paint PVA glue on top smoothing down edges Push egg hanger into top of eggs through hole Tie white ribbon from egg stoppers though hanger loop and knot at end

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