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Chevron Pendant Key Ring Tutorial

Earlier today I showed you the Rico Design key chain pendant, so this afternoon I wanted to share with you how I decorated it...

My summer house has a key lock on the door and I really wanted the keyring to match the look of the Summer House. I started by sketching up the pattern holes I had to use and tried seeing if I could fit a bumblebee on the keyring, but after playing about I realised there wasn't enough room, so in the end I went for a simple chevron design to match the rug on the floor in my Summer house...

1 keychain

How-to step by step

  • Spray paint wooden pendant

    Step 1

    Start by spray painting the wooden pendant white on both sides allowing each side to dry inbetween coats.

  • Emroidery thread strands

    Step 2

    Separate your stranded cotton, so you are using 4 strands of embroidery thread.

  • Cross stitch keyring pendant

    Step 3

    From the back of the wooden pendant, push the needle through and pull until 2-3cm of the thread are left at the back. Do not knot the thread. Start embroidering and secure the end of the thread underneath the first stitches. When done stitching, secure the other end of the thread by pulling it underneath the last stitches. Trim the excess thread. If the needle is difficult to pull through, use small pliers.

  • Cross stitch keyring

    Step 4

    Continue cross stitching the design on the pendant.

  • Paint sides of pendant

    Step 5

    Carefully paint the sides of the pendant with the acrylic paint and leave to dry.

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