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Butterfly packaging tutorial

For my nieces christening my sister is going for a butterfly theme, so I made some mini butterfly cookies. I wanted to try out my new butterfly punch and stamp set so I decorated some white candy bags to put them in...

3 Gift bags

You will need...

  • white paper candy bags

  • VersaColor Small Stamp Pad - Pink

  • VersaColor Small Stamp Pad - Seafoam

  • Cavallini butterflies rubber stamp tin

  • Tonic Studio Border Punch System

  • Tonic Studio Edger Punch 3

  • Tonic Studio Butterflies Accent Punch

How-to step by step

  • Butterfly cookie bag

    Step 1

    Place the paper bag centrally onto the border system Move the left and right markers to 3.5cm Place butterfly punch into system Make the first punch and then move the bag left so that the edge of the outer butterfly matches the centre line of the marker, and repeat all the way to the edge Repeat the last step in the opposite direction Place edger punch 3 into the system and do as steps 4 and 5 Stamp butterfly pattern onto bag and leave to dry

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