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Butterfly napkin holder

To go with my "All of a Flutter" Easter theme I made butterfly napkin holders using small decorative paper and silk artificial flowers and mini wooden butterflies with paper butterflies adhered to the wooden ones to give them a lovely 3D effect. I then found some pretty blue and white and pink and white gingham napkins to place inside them.

6 Napkin holders

You will need...

  • 30 small decorative paper flowers (pink blue)

  • 12 small decorative fabric flowers

  • butterfly multi-detail craft punch

  • mdf butterfly

  • hot glue gun

  • acrylic paint (pink)

How-to step by step

  • Making Floral Napkin holders: Step One back view

    Step 1

    Make a circle with a blue flower and twist on a pink flower in the opposite direction to make a circle.

  • Making Floral Napkin holders: Step Two

    Step 2

    Continue twisting flowers to the circle in two clusters, leaving a blank section at the front for the butterfly and the back empty.

  • Making Floral Napkin holders: Step Three

    Step 3

    Wrap pale green embroidery thread over bare wire on front of napkin holders.

  • Making Floral Napkin holders: Step Four

    Step 4

    Wrap pale green ribbon over bare wire at back and glue to secure in place. Make five others as above.

  • Punching butterflies

    Step 5

    Cut three butterflies out of the blue card using the butterfly punch. Cut three butterflies out of the pink card using the butterfly punch.

  • Butterfly punching

    Step 6

    Fold wings in on butterflies.

  • Painted punched butterflies

    Step 7

    Paint pink card butterflies front and back in Flamingo Fun paint. Paint blue card butterflies in blue paint.

  • Painted Butterflies

    Step 8

    Paint three wooden butterflies pink. Paint three wooden butterflies blue. Leave to dry.

  • 3D butterflies

    Step 9

    Glue card butterfly to wooden butterfly.

  • Hand-made Pink Butterfly Napkin Holder

    Step 10

    Glue 3D butterfly to flower napkin holder

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