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Birdhouse Stand Tutorial

I have spent the past few months working on gardening projects and getting my garden into order by implementing my design scheme I drew up last year. As well as growing lots of plants from seed in a colour palette of whites, mauves, lilacs, lavenders and purple I have also been designing and making decorative features. So over the next few weeks, weather permitting I am hoping to share how it is all coming on.

Today I wanted to share with you my new birdhouse stand which I made using some off cuts of sawn treated battens I had leftover from my handmade trellis fencing and a bunch of birdhouses that have been gathering dust in my garage!

I fixed my new birdhouse stand to my flower bed using postcrete (A quick-setting ready-to-use blend of selected sand, cement and additives formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal posts)

I love how it has brightened up the bed, added a focal point and will add colour all year round!

1 Birdhouse Stand

How-to step by step

  • Birdhouse Stand - what you will need 1-01

    Step 1

    You will need the following as illustration above:

  • Wooden bird house

    Step 2

    Start by making sure your bird houses and battens are clean and dry.

  • Paint birdhouse in white primer

    Step 3

    Give all the houses and battens a coat of exterior primer paint.

  • Paint colours for birdhouses-01

    Step 4

    Paint the roofs in fedora grey garden paint. Paint the two smaller houses in a mix of lavender and white ash garden paint, paint the base in white ash garden paint. Paint two of the medium houses in a mix of lavender and white ash garden paint. Paint the remaining medium house in a mix of princess pink and white ash garden paint. Paint the battens in white ash garden paint.

  • birdhouse stand plans - 3-01

    Step 5

    Place the three shorter lengths of batten together and mark out the holes in the base as above. Pilot the holes using a electric screwdriver.

  • birdhouse stand plans - 1-01

    Step 6

    Screw the birdhouses to the battens. Leaving the bracket holes in the central batten clear.

  • birdhouse stand plans - 2-01

    Step 7

    Centre support: Mark and pilot the holes on one of the 90cm battens. Screw the two battens together. Mark and pilot the holes for the brackets at the top of the battens. Screw the brackets to the top of the centre support.

  • birdhouse stand plans - 4-01

    Step 8

    Screw the centre batton to the birdhouse shelf using the brackets and piloted holes. Paint the brackets and screw heads using primer and white ash garden paint.

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