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Beaded snowflakes

To match my Vintage Christmas theme in a colour palette of snowy white, pale rose, vintage pink, icy mint, faded aqua, mushroom and lots of glamorous gold. I have made a cluster of glamorous, shimmery, sparkly beaded snowflakes.
Here's how you can make your own beaded snowflakes...

12 Snowflakes

How-to step by step

  • Making beaded snowflakes

    Step 1

    Simply thread beads on to the wire frame Using a pair of small roundnose pliers, loop the wire end towards the last bead Attach a jump loop to one of the wire looped ends

  • beaded snowflake 5

    Step 2

    Thread jump loop with ribbon, knot ends and trim

  • Hand made beaded snowflakes for my tree

    Step 3

    You can vary the bead size and colour to your liking

  • Hand made beaded snowflakes

    Step 4

    You can also hang them with different ribbons, trims and threads ...

  • Pearl beaded snowflake

    Step 5

    I also made a couple with some pearls from a broken necklace.

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Hand made beaded snowflakes for my tree
Beaded snowflake
Hand made beaded snowflakes
Cluster of beaded snowflakes
Pink & white beaded snowflake
Pearl beaded snowflake
Handmade Beaded snowflake

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