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Beaded bird stocking

All my Christmas stockings are now finished and hanging from my staircase. The last one in my line up is my beaded bird stocking, here's how I made it...

1 Stocking

You will need...

  • Christmas stocking pattern

  • folklore bird printed fabric (outer fabric)

  • agathe lila printed fabric (for lining)

  • magic beads (3mm pink)

  • wadding

  • crystal beaded trim (pale pink)

  • woven braid trim (pink & gold)

How-to step by step

  • Christmas stocking tutorial

    Step 1

    Start by printing off the stocking pattern at 200% and cut out the pattern piece. Place pattern piece on fabric, using your water soluble pen, trace around outside edge. Flip pattern piece over and draw another stocking piece so you have two pieces. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out stocking pieces leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Then pin one cut out fabric piece to wadding. Carefully cut around stocking. With your fabric stocking and wadding pieces still pinned together, join them together by stitching on beads. Pin the two fabric stocking pieces together with the embellishment on the inside. Stitch stocking together with a 1cm seam allowance using your drawn line as a guide.Turn stocking out so print is on outside and hand stitch braid, ribbon trim etc around top of stocking.

  • Christmas stocking tutorial

    Step 2

    Stitch hanging loop to the top of the stocking so that the loop faces downwards. Place pattern piece on lining, using your water soluble pen, trace around outside edges, flip pattern over and trace a second stocking. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out lining pieces leaving a 1cm seam allowance.Pin the lining pieces together with the right side of the fabric on the inside. Stitch around the edges, with a 1cm seam allowance, (you can use your traced line as a guide) leaving the top open. Now slip embellished stocking into sewn lining and pin together at top. Starting at the back of the stocking, stitch the lining to the felt stocking at the top leaving a 5cm gap, so you can turn stocking out. Turn stocking out and hand stitch gap together. Lightly press iron the top so that it sits flat.

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