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Water erasable pen

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  • Hemline

When I want to mark out patterns on fabric I use a water erasable marking pen, I find them much easier to use than a pencil and so much clearer to see. The great things is that markings can be removed with clean water or by gentle rubbing with a clean wet cloth when you are finished.

All fabric markers should be first pre-tested on a scrap of fabric for both application and removal.

All temporary markings must be removed before ironing or washing in detergent.

Do not iron or hot wash any pen or pencil mark before removal as the heat may set the mark permanently.

Please wash out the marks within 30 days of marking the fabric.

Wipe off Fabric Marker
To remove marks simply wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse out in cold water.

Use this marker to mark designs for quilting, embroidery and stitching on fabrics.

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