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Tulip 'Clearwater'

Along with the Triumph Tulip 'Alibi', I also planted a whole bunch of tall white tulips which have just come into bloom. They are looking great amongst the Lupin foliage and have added some much needed colour...

Tulip 'Clearwater' is an elegant variety, with tall stems of large, ivory-white flowers. Superb in borders or containers and lovely as a cut flower.

Dig soil improver and bonemeal into the planting hole before planting. In heavy clay soils add horticultural grit to the bottom of the planting hole. Plant 12 cm deep and 12 cm apart.

Water well during dry spells. Top dress with a general purpose plant food as the last flowers fade. Allow foliage to die down naturally, before digging up the bulbs. Store in a cool dry place and replant next Autumn as above.

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Tulip Clearwater details
Tulip 'Clearwater'
Tulip 'Clearwater'
Tulip 'Clearwater' 1
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