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Teflon sewing machine foot

Want to know the secret to sewing oilcloth?
Well meet the teflon sewing machine foot also called the non-stick foot.

This foot is designed to prevent fabrics such as leather and vinyl, plastic and oilcloth, suedes and ultrasuede from sticking to the bottom of the foot and to the foot plate of the sewing machine. The Teflon foot is made of Teflon, a material well known for its non-stick properties.

This foot allows fabrics that are sticky to glide right under the foot. The foot unlike other feet has a distinctive look, like that of a white plastic material.

I bought mine for a couple of pounds on Ebay and have never looked back! It makes sewing oilcloth so much easier as it does not stick to the fabric like the regular foot. I did read that you could masking tape the bottom of your sewing machine foot to stitch oilcloth but that did not work for me.

When stitching oilcloth it is also work keeping your stitches long.

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