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Tala Fondant Ribbon Embossing Set

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When I asked my niece Molly what kind of birthday cake she would like me to make, she said that it needed a pony on it and then showed me her favorite cakes on Pinterest. They all had one thing in common, pink with frills!

So when I discovered the Tala Fondant Ribbon Embossing Set I knew my life had got a little easier as it easily makes textures ribbons and bows for your cake with ease. Stripes, zigzags, waves and bead patterns are all included in the set that has a roll handle with detachable core. 8 embossing wheels; striped and beaded patterns. 9 spacers in various sizes and 9 cutting wheels; straight, wavy and zigzag patterns

It cut perfect strips of scalloped fondant icing that I wrapped round my iced cake to use as frills and a lovely zig zag pattern that looked liked ribbon. I can't wait to use it again!

How to use;
1. To add these beautiful designs, simply roll out your desired size of fondant on a clean, hard surface using a Tala fondant pin.

2. Loosen the end of your Fondant ribbon embossing set by turning the end piece anti-clockwise.

3. Using the spacers to create the desired width, add patterns and cutters where appropriate.

Top tips; If you wish to make a small ribbon, apply the cutter or patterned wheels followed by the spacers. This ensures greater control over your small design

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