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Tala Chrome Squirrel Nutcracker

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In most of my more recent Christmas themes I always have a few deer, birds and squirrels be it in a winter wonderland or winter woodland setting. So imagine my delight when I saw this gorgeous Squirrel nutcracker from Tala. I knew instantly he would fit in with my new 'Frosted Fairytale Forest' theme...

Cracking nuts at Christmas is something of a tradition we did at our house growing up so I am delighted I can continue this tradition in style with the Chrome squirrel nutcracker that shells nuts with ease.

Place the nut in the squirrel's mouth, press down on his tail and watch him crack the nut.

Care & Use
To clean, wipe clean with damp cloth.

To find your local Tala stockist visit

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Tala Squirrel nutcracker
Tala Squirrel Nutcracker 3
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