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Macaron silicone mat

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  • Poundland

I love everything in my kitchen to be in pretty pastels, especially duck egg blue! So I a of course loving the Jane Asher range at Poundland, which is full of pretty pastel baking equipment from tongs to storage jars, cake pop moulds to scissors and all of course at a great price!

My newest purchase is the pretty duck egg blue macaron silicone mat. This handy mould ensures your macaroons are evenly shaped and sized every time for professional looking macarons! The macaron mat is made of flexible silicone and is non stick.

My tips...
Place the macaron silicone mat on a baking tray before you start piping as due to it's flimsy nature you won't be able to place it straight in the oven without risk of spilling and misshaping the macarons.

Ensure you cook the macarons at the right temperature, for the right amount of time and leave to cool completely on the macaron silicone mat, before peeling off the macarons.

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