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Liquiproof Fabric Protector

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Today I want to introduce you to Liquiproof Fabric Protection, a waterproofing and stain-resistant spray that unlike other waterproofing and stain-resistant sprays on the market, is completely eco-friendly, non-hazardous and non-toxic. It doesn’t contain any carcinogenic substances and is fluorine free, making it safe to use on skin and around children and animals.

Liquiproof is odourless and invisible, so can be easily applied within confined spaces and will not affect the look, feel or breathability of the material.


Everyday, the clothing, furniture and footwear that we buy is exposed to the risk of dirt and damage, and the greatest hazard is from the accidental spills that often occur when we eat and drink.

The classic example that springs to mind is the nightmare of red wine spilling onto a spotless cream carpet. But imagine if the wine was unable to soak in and remained in beads on the surface, ready to be cleaned up without leaving a stain…. that’s the result of Liquiproof Fabric Protection.

By protecting your apparel and furnishings with Liquiproof, you can enjoy the carefree lifestyle of knowing that your belongings will be shielded from damage, stay cleaner and look smarter for longer.


Water and oil resistant - most household liquids are repelled
Water-based formula, harmless and fluorine free
Eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable
Safe, non-aerosol bottle
Suitable for all types of fabric – synthetic and natural
Invisible coating – completely undetectable to the human eye, causing no change to original appearance (coating thickness: 100-150 nm)
Super long-lasting and durable – garments are hand washable up to 25 times
Maintains 100% breathability
Odourless – can be applied indoors
Food safe (inert)
Easy and simple one-step application – spray on and leave to dry
Cures in 24 hours

I am using Liquiproof Fabric Protector on my new outdoor floor cushions, scatter cushions and seat cushions to protect them from dirt and water. It was easy to apply and there are no visible marks that I have sprayed them at all.

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