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Forget-me-nots 'Myosotis Sylvatica'

Last year I grew lots of Forget-me-nots 'Myosotis Sylvatica' from seed, they grew quickly into little bushes of leaves that added green to the front of my borders and much needed colour into my side path. This Spring they have flowered and look so pretty with their clusters of tiny yellow-eyed, azure-blue flowers above the lance-shaped, grey-green leaves...

Plants will flower in their second year and often self-seed freely and are a hardy-perennial so I can look forward to seeing them year after year!

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Forget-me-nots myosotis sylvatica
‘When I think of England I think of …’
Myosotis sylvatica forget-me-not
Forget me nots
Forget me nots
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