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Decorative Self-Adhesive Lace Effect Window film

Self adhesive window film comes in many different designs and colours, I opted for a lace effect to match the decor in my Summer House. I purchased mine on Ebay where you will find loads of different designs.

How to Install

Make sure the windows are very clean and dry. Clean your glass with a lint free cloth and glass cleaner and make sure the edges of the frame are free from any loose paint or fibres.
Cut the pieces of film so they measure about 2cm larger than the window panes being covered.
Now you are ready to peel off the backing. Begin by peeling one of the top two corners - you will start to see the sticky side of the film.
Use a small squeegee to adhere the film onto the window, pushing air bubbles to the edges.
When the film is firm, flat and free of bubbles, trim the edges with a sharp utility knife.

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