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Bird Chocolate Lollipop Mould

Later today I will be sharing how I made my pink and mint bird chocolate lollipops for Easter. So I wanted to start the day by sharing where I bought the 3 cavity bird chocolate lollipop mould...

From Ebay store, Carlton Sticks .
The Overall Mould size is 210mm x 230mm and produces approx 80mm x 60mm Bird Lollipops using approximately 18 grams of chocolate per cavity.

The mould can also be used for clay, ice, butter, plaster, cream cheese, soap and other low temperature mediums.
The mould will withstand a temperature of approximately 150 F, but they are not intended for use with hard candy syrups and are not suitable for use in an oven or dishwasher.

Mould Tips

Wash with warm water before storing - there is no need to wash them between pourings.

Allow to air dry before storing them.

Store them in Zip Lock type bags to keep them clean and free of dust
Molds can be used multiple times with proper care and storage.

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Bird chocolate lollipop
Chocolate bird lollipops
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