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'Barr's Purple' Crocus

Last Autumn I bought a whole bunch of spring bulbs which I mainly planted down my side path. I tried to keep all the packaging for them so I knew what I would need to do, but they were beginning to cause clutter alongside all my Summer bulb packaging, so on Sunday night I decided to document all the info I would need, some came from the packaging the rest came from searching the internet.

I posted the graphic to my Instagram account and realised that you all might like a collection of cards. So please feel free to pin my bulb details or save them for your personal use.

'Barr's Purple' Crocus is a great naturalising plant when planted in great masses under trees or in clusters in your border and the bulbs are squirrel resistant. Barr's Purple Crocus prefer as much sun as possible and love to be overcrowded in borders and rockeries. They are easy to care for as there is no need to remove the dead flower heads as they should be left to die back naturally which feeds the bulbs for next year. They take two years to produce large clumps of pretty purple flowers with bright orange stamens.

I planted 150 bulbs of 'Barr's Purple' Crocus, placing some in groups up the banks of our garden path, outside the gates on the verges and in a row in the front garden bed. I can't wait to see how they look next year!

They bloom February/March

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Barr's Purple Crocus
'Barr's Purple' Crocus
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