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How to glitter

I love glitter! It is easy and versatile to cover just about anything in glitter, over the years I have been perfecting my glittering technique and when I discovered Mod Podge shiny I was delighted as that is the secret to keeping the glitter in place so you will never get loose bits of glitter again!

How-to step by step

  • How to glitter

    Step 1

    Brush PVA glue onto item and using a spoon immediately sprinkle glued area liberally with glitter before glue starts to dry. Lightly tap to remove excess glitter and leave to dry.

  • Glittering

    Step 2

    Paint PVA glue onto remaining section and sprinkle glued area liberally with glitter and so on until the item is completely covered in glitter. You can touch up any areas or spots you have missed by guing and glittering.

  • Glittering

    Step 3

    Now cover entire glittered object in a coat of mod podge to seal glitter.


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