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My secret garden

At the back of my garden I had a patio area next to my spruced up garden shed, but it was pretty dull and uninviting, so I re-designed it to be reminiscent of an outdoor living room. I started off by gathering up lots of inspiration for my outdoor living room. I wanted it to be a stylish, comfortable place for casual dining and relaxing...

We had already made the patio area bigger as the grass was worn away outside the shed and with constant use it was always going to be that way. But I didn't like the look of the patio even after we had cleaned the stones. To give it a more country feel we covered the patio area in pea shingle.

What lies behind the twinkly arch...

...but a secret garden.

My perfect place to serve sweet treats!

For comfy seating I bought a cheap wooden bench and gave it a make over.

At the entrance I added a £6.99 garden arch that I wrapped 100 solar-powered LED lights round so it twinkles at night and have started growing rambling roses on it. Now if only I had some magic fairy dust that got my roses to smother my arch in pretty pink flowers! Tomorrow I will be sharing with you all the details...

Have a sweet day!

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