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My Linen Cupboard

On Monday I showed you all my organization tips for my linen cupboard. So today I am sharing what it looks like now and how it looked before...

I painted the slatted shelves in duck egg blue and added a Trofast shelving unit from Ikea that I spray painted duck egg blue to keep all our spare toiletries in. I used Skubb boxes from Ikea to store our bed linens and towels in and wallpapered wooden boxes to keep my metres of fabric and holiday dining china in. Now we have a super organized linen cupboard that is not only practical but looks cute too!

It used to have one ugly looking blue door with no surround so we replaced the door with two louvre doors and added architrave.

Vintage tablecloth, hand stitched crystal cushion, linen and lace tablecloths from H&M

Gingham cushion and polka dot bedspread from GreenGate

Have a sweet day!

See more...

Tablecloths & crystal cushion
Glass door handles
Gingham & polka dots
Wallpapered boxes and Ikea drawers
Linen boxes
Towel storage
Linen cupboard before & after.jpg

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