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My 'Country Garden' Easter table

I had so much fun putting my Easter table together this year and it all came together in the end! Saturday morning I got up early to get my Easter Topiary tree finished, which is something that I had wanted to blog about but didn't get finished in time. I had bought a small plant pot for the base but it still looked too big, so I dashed out to the garden centre to pick up a smaller one. Whilst I was there I had a quick peek at the Easter decorations and saw the fake grass mats. I instantly fell in love with them and as I have a woodland-themed baby shower coming up I justified their purchase to myself as they would get used more than once!

I painted the plant pot for my Easter tree and whilst it dried I started setting out my Easter table. I laid my Easter table runner down the centre and laid the grass mats on top. I placed my cherry blossom and pussy willow Easter tree at the end of the table with hand painted eggs and bunnies hanging from it. I lined my Easter basket with a pink gingham napkin and filled it with foil wrapped chocolate eggs and placed it at the end of the table with my large bunny. I filled my Easter bunny bowl with pastel-coloured peanut M&M's. I then hid my small white bunnies amongst the grass place mats. I placed white bunny candles in my hand painted egg cups and put them alongside my Easter bunny lollipops. The Easter bird houses I used as place settings. By then my plant pot had dried so I assembled the egg topiary tree together and placed it in the centre of the table.

That's when I decided to make banana cupcakes with chocolate buttercream nests that I could sit amongst the grass, so obviously my strawberry cupcakes needed to be decorated with flowers so they could also sit amongst the grass! As time was running out I decided to use coloured M&M's instead of flowers to decorate my cupcakes.

On Sunday afternoon I hid my Easter cupcakes and Easter egg chocolates amongst the grass on my Easter table, filled my wire baskets with all my wrapped handmade chocolates and enjoyed the rest of the day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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