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House exterior colour scheme

We fell in love with our house for the location, size and views. Let's face it, it wasn't because of how it looked but we thought it had potential with a lick of paint and a lot of hard work.

For the exterior house colour scheme we went for white walls, white window sills and a green-blue front door and shutters.

As we were replacing one of the bedrooms with a bathroom (the original bathroom was downstairs), we were able to move the big black ugly waste pipe from the front of the house. We then started to paint the entire exterior of the house white. I'm not going to lie to you, it took two weeks, more than a few tubs of white paint and a lot of effort. The day we had just finished painting the side of the house exterior white there was an unexpected torrential rain downpour. We just stood there, my eyes welled up as the water gushing down the side of the house quickly turned white and ruining a hard day's work! Needless to say, we had to do that bit again but we got there in the end.

We painted the window sills white, the front door a pretty shade of green-blue, and replaced all of the brass door furniture with chrome. As a couple of the prettier houses on the road had shutters decorating their top window, we followed suit by adding some green-blue ones to ours.

The original picket fence was barely standing and was rotten to the core. It also had two gates at either side so we replaced it with a new one that we painted white, altering the layout so there would only be one gate leading to the front door. We kept the original wrought iron gate but refreshed it with black paint.

The drainpipes were given a new lick of black paint and the porch roof a clean. Then we went about giving the front yard a new lease of life with potted plants and pea shingle. More to come on our front yard later!

As one sweet friend said, "It has gone from eyesore to eye candy!"

The details...

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Front Exterior
House exterior before

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