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Anna Wiscombe @ Selina Lake Pretty Pastel Fair

I loved Anna Wiscombe's adorable decorative wooden treasures at Selina Lake's Pretty Pastel Fair and book Launch event. I especially was drawn to the cute "Little bird" handcrafted oak wall hanging with little carved markings in a lovely colour combination of mint and peach, as seen in the photo above.

"Anna Wiscombe, originally from the countryside of Dorset, now lives and works in London but still draws her inspiration from the natural environment that surrounded her while growing up!
Using birds, animals and leaves in her designs, she produces a collection of decorative and functional wooden products that are full of intricate details and have their own special character.

Her love of nature and the shapes found within it are given a contemporary edge by using bright colours and stylised forms whilst always complimenting the natural beauty of the wood.
All of Anna’s work is lovingly handmade, by her, from start to finish. Whilst pieces are replicated, no two will ever be the same, making each one an individual character for you to enjoy!"

My Favourite Finds...

Wooden Necklaces by Anna Wiscombe
Anna Wiscombe brooches

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